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How To Put On Our Gel Strips

Step. 1

Prep it

Prep with Alcohol Wipe
  • Before application, thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Using the prep pad provided, remove any oil or dirt off your nails.
  • Avoid contact with any lotion and water for at least 1 hour after application.

Step. 2

Size it

Select Size
  • Choose the best fitting size for each nail.
  • One at a time, carefully peel the igloo spa gel off the clear film.
  • Try to stay away from touching the adhesive side to avoid weakening the adhesion.

Step. 3

Apply It

Apply Above the Cuticle
  • Starting from the cuticle line, apply the igloo spa gel firmly on your nail.
  • Make sure to apply with pressure over the entire surface to avoid any gap in between the nail and the gel.
  • Do not pull on the gel to stretch it out.
    → Our volume gel's elasticity causes the gel to recoil back to its original form even after the stretch.

Step. 4

File it

File to Finish
  • Using the nail file provided, file to remove any excess gel.
  • When filing, make sure to file downwards until the gel matches perfectly to the edge of your nail.
  • If you have weak or brittle nails, try gently filing sideways to remove the excess gel.

Step. 1

Remove it

Gently Peel Off
  • Slowly lift off the gel nail from the corner of the cuticle line.
  • For easier removal, add a drop of cuticle oil on your nail before you peel the gel off.

Step. 2

Clean it

Clean Off Excess
  • If any adhesives remain, use a cotton pad soaked in polish remover to rub it off.
  • We recommend that you do not leave the gel nail strips on for more than 14 days of application to minimize damaged nails.

Protect it

Protect your Gels
  • Finish by applying 1-2 layers of top gel.
  • Cure the applied igloo spa gel nails about 3 times under the LED lamp.
  • If further curing is required, cure 1-2 more times until the gel is sufficiently firm and sturdy.
  • Please keep in mind that overcuring may result in early chipping and cracking.




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